random thoughts

I am impressed with my mental wrestling about taking the cab versus the bus.

I woke up a little bit early and the first and the strongest thought was of course to take the cab. Otherwise how could I wait 10 minutes prior to taking the bus???

When I thought about 10 minutes, it looks like a huge time… I asked myself (miraculously) “can you wait 8 minutes?”

8 minutes looks better than 10 min and is certainly close to 5 min (which is usually an easier challenge). “Yes, I can”.

I still waited for the bus, but not at home. I waited at the bus stop. This was the longest I have ever waited. It was weird, but was certainly easier than forcing myself to wait at home (what is it about waiting at home that makes me so irritated, I do not know).

Internal monologues are not that bad after all 🙂

I think I have a more clear understanding of my spending after I prepared the detailed budget within the last week; I now know how much funds I have at my discretion for this week and it certainly is not a huge amount. Happy to not over-spend it 🙂 Highly motivational!

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