random thoughts

A beautiful summer day – bright and warm; a little bit humid but that is okay, too. Our skin benefits from the moisture πŸ™‚

It is interesting that the 1st floor of the house is cooler than the 2nd; once someone had told me that the warm air moves up (which makes sense) making the 2nd floors warmer. That is excellent during winter, but in summer cooler bedrooms would be appreciated.

It was a regular work day – we have worked slowly but effectively. No stress πŸ™‚ And the results we are getting are exciting. Looking forward to the end of these projects.

I have a new computer, which got stuck at the log in page. For some reason I could not make it show me the login page. Turning off the computer did not solve the problem, either. I called the company and they recommended me to contact a local tech person. Pissed and frustrated, I came up with the idea of removing the battery; I thought that would bring the computer back to initial start page. And that what has happened! I love my impatience (!).

I am really looking forward to this weekend – I hope it is going to be a warm and lovely one.

The seeds in my yard seem to have germinated. Now I am waiting for them to grow a little bit to make sure they are what I hope they are.

I am off to reading books this evening, though this does not mean I am not going to spare time to read your blogs.

Cheers everyone πŸ™‚

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