e-decluttering – finding forgotten stuff

Well, I have been cleaning my emails and I have found 15-20 pictures from 8 years ago.

I look so young in these pictures!!!

I am so happy that I found them – there are other friends of mine in them. We all look awesome.

Time flies so fast. I just thought “when did I get this old? How did that happen?”

There is nothing much to do I guess. Thought timing is interesting – just this morning I got up thinking “I am getting old and getting close to end.” That is not comforting.

When I was young, I thought 50 was too old; now I am a few years short of it. In a lot of ways I have had a regular life, did exciting work, and lived in beautiful places.

I have regrets of course but I guess the important thing now is to enjoy my life while I can. Appreciate my health, family, and friends. Stop worrying about things that bother me, but instead start seeing the big picture. To live the life to its fullest when I have a chance.

And also the short hair suits me better than the long hair – the pictures have proven it once more. It also makes me look younger šŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “e-decluttering – finding forgotten stuff

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  1. If you want to find a treasure trove of photos on your computer use the search tools type in *.jpg and see what comes up. You can search for all the photo file types one by one and it’s amazing what you’ll find. It may take a long while but it’s fun.

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  2. I love finding forgotten things in general. It’s like finding little treasures.

    I say it is all about perspective when it comes to getting old, which by the way, is a blessing. I am only in my 30’s and already feel super old, especially after having done cancer. I am mentally old, mostly.

    I think things have changed about what’s considered old though. Like the 30’s is the new 20’s, for example. You are probably the new 30’s. Haha!

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    1. aaah :)) that is the best thing I have heard about my age so far; yes, why not? I may be as well at my 30s!! I hope your mental tiredness will heal soon and you will evaluate your age and life a little bit positive; 30s; ooops correction; 20s is pretty amazing age šŸ™‚

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