late-night random thoughts

Dear authors of the books on financial, retirement, or investment planning; there is nothing like the “magic of compounding” in interest-based investment anymore. There is no interest rate like 10, 12, or 15%. Our current economic situation and interest rates nullify this claim. Please adjust your thinking and write more realistic/timely books for folks like myself to benefit from; how shall we invest in this economic environment?

I suspect you do not have a clear or guaranteed ideas either, but at least let’s retire this “the magic of compound interest” thing.

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  1. One day, the politicians are going to look around for money, notice all that money folks have in “secure” retirement accounts and find a way to “use” it. Then compounding or lack there of will be the least of our retirement concerns…. I used to feel a bit on the paranoid “tin hat club” side when I said that but now… well not so much.


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