random thoughts

A beautiful day. Not necessarily all warm and shiny, but it is good.

Work went well; one of my assistants found a mistake and I thought it was the mistake of another assistant of mine. And then my first assistant noticed that it was not his – the mistake is totally mine. I let my second assistant know immediately. It feels good to acknowledge my own mistake and establish my trust to my second assistant’s work. Lessons learnt for me? Yep, do not jump to conclusions immediately and make a more through research prior to giving a negative feedback to others for their work.

Walking back from the office was nice; so was the tea I drank in the office. My office view is getting better, now that all trees across from my office are turning green. There are many different shades of green – dark, mellow, light. And different sizes of the trees as well. How nice to be able to notice all of these 🙂

I have 320 followers today; which I never thought would happen. Thank you for following me. I hope my posts mean something to you. I also noticed for the first time that my posts now have ads…. I contemplated about buying the domain and taking control of the ads, but they say if I do not continuously pay for the domain, I may lose whatever posts I have in it. I do not want to lose any of these. I will think a little bit more sometime and see what is best.

enjoy your evening everybody 🙂

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