thoughts awaken by a poem

There is a poem read by a great voice actor that I have been listening since yesterday.

It is about life; our need to be hopeful, our need to be loved, our need to never lose those we care.

This poem makes me remember the lost moments, lost self-expressions, lost opportunities, lost loves, lost hopes. What is it about the experiences in life (and people) that we cannot take then, but miss terribly later?  There are people dear to my heart but did not call for so long (negligence). There are people with whom I have sore interactions (sometimes ego; sometimes necessity – it is better this way for both sides).

Can the negligence and ego let go before any of these people are lost?

Of course they can.

Can we really make sore relationships “normal” again?

Well, that depends – it involves two people. What are their wishes?

Hard to know, but is worth trying.


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