thoughts awaken by a poem – cont’d

What is it about those people we argue, get upset with, hiss to, but nevertheless care, like/love, and miss?

I have some idea, which make some sense time to time; but then none…

Sometimes I feel like arguments are a way of communication; maybe it is what is helping us to connect. Can there be a more pleasant way of communication? Certainly it may, but for some unexplained reasons, with some people that is what it is..

Maybe we get upset because we have expectations from them that remain unmet; or because whatever they do/say (or not) hurts only because we care about them a little bit more than usual and each reaction evokes some strong emotions in us (upsetting feelings, happiness, excitement, etc.). This level of emotions created by such individuals is what makes them unique to me.

So, eventually what happens? I do not know; I guess people continue like this happily and with an acceptance of each other. Or slowly disappear from each other’s lives with no farewells, no further arguments, no bad-feelings.

Or, maybe we can stand being neither with them nor without them. Maybe then it is best to end the relationship/friendship/acquaintance. But, who could blame me for missing that person years later then?

Unless I really cared then, I would not care now.

That is all I have to say.

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