sometimes we must quit

I frequently hear or read phrases like “do not quit!”, or “quitters never win!”, or “are you a quitter!”. The list can be long.

Since such words/short phrase or quotes omit the context-dependency, their messages hold true only under limited conditions. I wonder how many times we/I take their face value and get misled.

The truth is sometimes we must quit.

For example:

1. an abusive, chronically unhappy, or draining relationship

2. an unrealistic or unproductive aim/project that better be replaced by a realistic, healthier, or productive one

3. a job that takes more from you than gives to you

4. a habit that is harmful to you (smoking is a good example)

5. arguments that do not provide any solution or consolidation

6. limiting, devaluing, hurting ourselves and others for no reason

I am happy to contemplate on context-dependency and being a quitter.

9 thoughts on “sometimes we must quit

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  1. I so much agree with this. The problem when not quitting is that we get stuck. We don’t allow improvements and changes in our lives. It is actually healthy to walk away from unhealthy situations.

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