pen versus keyboard

Writing can be addictive.

Yes, indeed.

Prior to this blog, I used to write on paper. It is still my favorite – I love the feeling of holding a pen and letting it glide on the paper. Whenever I have a moment to spend, I am likely to write down something; whether a plan, a poem, a note to be used later, or whatever is going thru my mind. I am good at “free writing” as well; what I write pretty much every time surprises me. All these things that went through my mind:) Give the “free writing” technique a try and see yourself.

While writing with a pen is my favorite, I must confess it is very difficult to read my hand-writing. So maybe 10% of the time I can decipher what I have written without much difficulty 🙂 That is not an exaggeration. Though I am very curious about my own writings, it is a challenge.

So, this can explain why I see a benefit in blogging (in addition to get to know good people and have good interactions with many here): I can read what I have written; my writings are available anywhere in the world through the net, and most importantly except I lose my blog-space, they are permanent 🙂

Of course it is not unusual for me to destroy things that are not useful or valuable anymore. Or, a source of head-ache for some reason. But until then..


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