random thoughts

The day was alright, but the afternoon I stressed myself because I could not find an important information I was looking for! It took me sometime to figure out where it could be and finally I made it 🙂 Yay!

I happen to think that I am quite organized and I can find the documents and information right away. The lesson I have got from today’s stress was that it is important to organize better and maybe do mental exercises to remember where everything is. Now I know very well where this info is as I had a stressful experience looking for it. This impact enforces the memory.

Well, even though I still have stress hormone rushing in my veins, I think I will choose to be grateful for this experience that made more careful…

This kind of experiences are what make me take care of or look for stuff earlier than the last minute. Imagine what would happen if I had left it to the next week when I actually need the info – a mini-disaster 🙂 Some people I know can function well (even better) under stress, yet I am one of those who under stress just stop thinking and taking actions…..

It is good to know myself so well so that I can be pro-active.

cheers everyone 🙂

2 thoughts on “random thoughts

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    1. you are on the right track and for the right reasons. I feel a little bit shaky(!) after my experience today but eventually it will make me more motivated to be better organized 🙂


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