joy journal – June 25, 2015

1. I am grateful for being alive, healthy, well and sound.

2. I am grateful for going to work a little bit early today; that allowed me to attend a meeting, send important emails, and meet with my team members. We worked till 6.30 today, what a day 🙂 We fixed some errors and moved the projects. One of my team members said “it is good that we are checking all the data; even minor we have a chance to fix the errors”. That is pretty awesome! 🙂 I am usually annoyed by errors and get tense, which is also reflected on my team members. Nowadays we have been checking many important data, finding errors, and fixing them, which makes our work high-quality; but it certainly drains me and one of my team members who needs to fix the errors introduced by his work. It is hard…. But I am glad at least this part is over now and confidently we can use the data for our future projects 🙂 I am also grateful for one of our team members keeping us positive during the entire time and reminding me that we were doing great checking our work.

3. I am grateful for walking in the afternoon although it was raining a little bit. Very healthy exercise and the rain was good for my skin (a natural moisturizer) 🙂

4. I am grateful for not gaining weight nowadays. My face looks a little bit thinner and longer; I feel like I remember this face I see on the mirror now 🙂 I now officially lost 10 pounds in the last 2 months 🙂

5. I am grateful for working on an important document today with a team-member; it is moving and will be okay. But there are so many gaps and editing to be done that I am feeling strained or demotivated. Yet, we keep going.

6. I am grateful for getting a visit from a senior colleague of mine, who is an amazing speaker. He delivered us a mini-talk a couple of day ago at an event, which was inspiring, motivating, and lovely. I invited him to give us another, longer talk sometime which he enthusiastically accepted. How great!

7. I am grateful for feeling a little bit better this evening as we continue to take care of the work at the office. yesterday I was pretty stressed, but this one is lovely..

8. I am grateful for the tea I have had in the evening; relaxing and nourishing.

9. I am grateful for my warm home in this cold day. I am not sure what degrees it is out there but I had to wear a sweater today, in addition to my trench-coat. I want the summer…. A lot..

10. I am grateful that despite the weather being relatively cold this June, my power bill has reduced quite a bit compared to the last month. Almost 45%… That is great, is it not?

11. I am grateful that today was the pay day and according to my calculations I keep saving from my cheques. This time not as much as I would like to as I had to shop at the weekend for needed items (a new luggage etc.); it made me feel down at first but later I decided to use this feeling to enforce further savings and keep consciously spending every single time..

12. I am grateful for the peaceful night and the music I am listening.

13. I am grateful for tomorrow being Friday. Not that I am looking forward to taking a rest at the weekend (will be busy with work and things to do at home), but just because it is a Friday 🙂

14. I am grateful for getting only neutral or good news today.

15. I am grateful for my throw, couch, and pillows that make my night so comfy, so relaxing, so warm..

16. I am grateful for the “free television” channels in my cable; I gotta see the TV shows and series I like whenever I want as long as they are made available in these channels. One particular series I like is the “Elementary”. What interesting characters and twists.

17. I am grateful for being able to find all these things that make me joyful and feel better.

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