mowing, birds, trees, and lilacs

Despite the fact that I truly do not enjoy mowing the yard, there are two great pleasures coming out of it (other than accomplishing this unpleasant yet necessary task):

1. seeing little birds coming to the yard and munching on the cut grass or whatever is now  available to them; nature feeding nature and making these lovely creatures visiting my place is amazing. I should not be taking credit for this, but giving something for the birds makes me feel grateful and excited!

2. standing underneath the trees and listening to their leaves whooshing with the little breeze, which reminds me how strong, silent, and peaceful the trees are. I should be doing this more. I sometime think that trees talk to us. Not literally of course 🙂 Trees have a very relaxing effect on me, which makes me automatically awed with the beauty and the peace around me.

And when the lilacs show up, it is extra beautiful…

4 thoughts on “mowing, birds, trees, and lilacs

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  1. Trees are living beings, they breathe, they drink, they eat. They turn their leaves when the rain comes to receive the moisture. They reach for the sunlight and they grow away from things that can hurt them. Some of them can even slowly move from one location to another. Is it so odd to think they may also have ways of communicating with us? My first friends were trees, they’re good folk.

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  2. We are made from Mother Nature so she heals us and raises our vibration and yes trees can talk to us. If you want to learn more please listen to the Hollow Earth Network shows. We have a link on our site, love and light C and Scott.


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