decluttering and weight loss – is there a connection?

Out of boredom, I opened the first book I have not read for some time. It is a book titled “Does This Clutter Make Butt Look Fat” by Peter Walsh that links the clutter in our environment with extra weight.

Made me think: one of my over-weight friends had told me that there must be a benefit of being over-weight: in sickness when eating may be problematic or not possible, certainly the extra weight helps to provide the body with the energy required for its functioning. As an over-weight person myself, I remember that very well. It also made sense to me biologically (we need a certain amount of energy everyday to keep going). Yet, I am also quite aware of the disease risks associated with being obese/over-weight. Nope, the extra fat needs to go..

This book also made me think my shopping habits: I have the habit of stocking durable items, such as cleaning products, canned or frozen food, stationary items. Sometimes without even using what I already have, I keep buying them. Where does this need come from? Why do I stock up stuff?

Because I feel comfortable and abundant if I have many items I regularly use. Because I may get lazy to go shopping when I need something. Because I like the convenience of not running out of anything. Because I save by doing so, as I usually purchase and stock when items are on sale. BUT would that mean that I also “save” my weight for the sick days? Feel “abundant” and “comfortable” with my weight? Possible. Sub-conscious mind works in a way that I will never understand fully.

Since a while ago, I decided to do the grocery shopping as I need, I will switch to the same with other items now. I will also continue with my decluttering activity at home and yard. Let’s see whether I will this time send the right message to my sub-conscious mind that I am abundant in any way, in sickness too my body will function just fine, and I will buy/eat as needed, not because it is convenient or saves me something.

wish me luck 🙂

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  1. I shop for the week because I work full time and lose a couple of hours a day commuting. I need to lose 10 pounds. The only thing I miss about chemo is being slim. I’ve been feeling kind of down after losing my pet and having a friend dealing with stage 4. I need to find a way to move or I will go crazy.

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    1. 😦 I wish there was something I can say to make you feel better…. Moving around and exercise are certainly great help – I used to walk for hours every day to just feel “good” (in my case endorphin was a great pain killer – physical as well as emotional). Or any other cardio exercise. I am sure you have your own exercise preferences.. Maybe this is an opportunity for you to start something new – a new exercise, a new hobby, a new pet, the poem that has remained unworded so far? feel free to rant/express yourself here or at your blog – we are here to listen and support. best 🙂

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  2. So my friend has been dealing with multiple mets for a year now (liver, bones, lung, kidney and most recently, brain). Today I got a text from her that 4 of these mets are on remission!! Her brain met just happened 3 weeks ago and that was because the chemo trial she was on does not protect brain from mets (ugh!). Radiation is taking care of that one. That put a huge smile on my face today. 🙂

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    1. these news put a smile on my face too! how nice. I am really happy for your friend and you 🙂 are not clinical trials awesome? where I am, cancer patients are recruited for less than 10% of the trials in Canada. That makes me sad. Hoping to start advocacy about this sometime.


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