weekly budget check

This is my 4th week on a detailed budget.

My budget week ends on Thursdays; yet this week I am gonna write it a day before.

Simply because tomorrow I may not have time to note it and mostly because this week I over-spent.

Yep; as of today I spent an extra $9.5 in addition to my weekly very generous allowance. Grrr..

I am not happy with this and I am disappointed and somehow upset… I am not going to beat myself up for that, yet I am kind of grateful that I am feeling this way; It tells me that I really care about this entire budgeting stuff and my motivation to consciously spend and save continues. That is good news indeed.

As per my spending; I have around $100 unnecessary spending/week on a very unnecessary item. This one I am gonna target full force now. Full force.

I have done well in some ways; I saved around $180 from “would-be-expenses”. This is a huge amount of money. Would-be-expenses are those that I was tempted to or would normally do, but did not. I consistently save in this category, which is really pleasing me.

Overall, it is great that I am interested in budgeting and conscious spending and have a very detailed budget that I keep tracking ever week. It is also great that I can save a huge amount of money out of would-be-expenses. But it is not cool that I keep dining out (and I must say the meal I have had lately were so unhealthy and low-quality that I want to kick myself…) and I keep spending a considerable amount of money every week on a highly unnecessary stuff…

Looks like I have some more work to do.

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    1. 🙂 you know what? I am 100% with you on this, thanks to the low quality of food I have got in the last few weeks. A real eye-opener (I buy myself meal when I need to pamper myself but the recent experience has proven that this is not the way to go)

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      1. sounds like you guys don’t have any better restaurants than we do. my family and i seldom, i mean really seldom eat out. It’s just really not good. Plus, it’s SO expensive. About three weeks ago, my son and i drove to the airport to pick up my daughter. We stopped at a Wendy’s for a burger and something to drink. It was about $16! i was totally shocked and realised right then and there why people complain about the cost of food. However, if one buys or raises their food, it’s quite reasonable, especially in comparison of other expenses. Well, there, sorry, i’ll stop ranting now. Cheers!

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        1. please continue to rant 🙂 I enjoy it. The issue where I am is that the food/fresh produce is really expensive as the geography is not suitable for agriculture, so we have to bring food from other places. In addition, in my neighborhood there is hardly ethnic food restaurants, which I love and are healthier than the local food (no offense guys). On top of that I do not like cooking, which is my main problem 🙂 BUT after visiting your blog this afternoon I have got good ideas on not only frugality (those coats you have got recently are incredible deals, well done!) but also cooking (the hamburger buns looked awesome) 🙂

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          1. Unless veggies and fruit are grown in season, north Missouri has to ship in food, too. However, most of the food in the grocer is still imported. stupid, but people keep buying it so nothing will change. yeah, you are right, though, if you don’t like cooking, that’s the first hurdle. I’m not the greatest cook to be sure, but i hear few complaints from the family. i have a bunch of recipes on my website. http://www.sunrisepastures.com/blog.php?cat=28 but you’ll find your groove.

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  1. It’s so hard to stop spending. I’ve had to find new things to do to fill in the time I used to spend on unnecessary shopping excursions. I’m trying hard to avoid consumerism but it’s very challenging!

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