an excellent idea! (by others of course :) )

Well; just when I was having a hard time thinking and making myself depressed about the possible foundation problem at my house and since I did not want to waste my entire night/day/life worrying and having depressed feelings, I remembered one approach that may work: having these thoughts and feelings during only a specified time period (how about 15 min a day?)

take a look and see whether you also may give it a try (if needed)?

4 thoughts on “an excellent idea! (by others of course :) )

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  1. Do you have an estimate of the costs and duration of the repairs needed to make your house saleable? If so, are there trusted workmen who can do the work? If it is too expensive for you to tackle, is it possible to sell your house ‘as is’ with the estimate in hand to show potential buyers? I would suggest not planning to worry – but plan to make a decision and move forward.

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  2. 🙂 not at all. I have had the house checked by two repair companies. They both “suspect” a foundation problem but cannot confirm or take action yet as it may as well be a hairline crack. because of that we are waiting till the crack gets a little bit larger than a hairline crack – if it does, then we will have to look into that. I am inclined towards waiting and fixing it because selling expenses may as well be as much as the repairs (though there is also a possibility that an extensive repair maybe needed once they open the wall/floors). Anyways, I just need to relax – that is all I guess 🙂


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