need for reflection

Six days ago one of my colleagues, who I have been working with closely for many years, have died suddenly.

It is such a shock; I had last seen him prior to my vacation – he was well and cheerful as usual. There was no indication that he had health problems. His family said he died all of a sudden.

I still find this difficult to accept.

Is life that fragile?

The answer is obviously yes.

I feel lucky that so far many people important in my life have remained alive and reasonably healthy. Yet the uncertainty about the future, as emphasized by the death of my colleague, made me feel quite anxious.

They say we should be grateful of every moment and for being well and alive, in addition to many other things in life (come to think of it; the last time I wrote my joy journal was almost 6 weeks ago. Time to do it again…). While logically it makes perfect sense, we (I) are so engulfed in the current issues/the requirements of the daily life that this point often is neglected – I have little/some idea about how to change my mindset so that I can relax more into the moment and have both acceptance (of the ever-changing, dynamic nature of life) and positivity (that eventually whatever looks like a big problem may in fact be less impactful than many others, or can be dealt with, or will just pass) every single day.

It is time for me to do some reflection. When the mind stops working on the same little details day after day, it becomes easier to see the reality and the big picture (that we often forget by focusing on small stuff) as they are, and assess better what is important in life. And I can guarantee myself neither the daily issues of my work nor the extensive repairs that will be required at my house will be the most important things in my life 🙂

cheers everyone

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