weekly budget check

Here is my weekly budget check report for this week (my financial weeks end on Thursdays):

Overall, my own regular expenses were within budget and when I add the “would-be-expenses” to the funds I saved from my allowance (these are the expenses that I would usually do but did not, for example taking the bus instead of cab and the money I pay myself for mowing the yard), total savings is $168.

There were however two extra expenses that I had to do; both are dining out with colleagues or friends ($95). They total quite a bit but they are budgeted under the “extra expenses” category and thus I am okay with them. I could live without these meals but I do value the nice, friendly time I spend with my colleagues, which almost always strengthen our relationships. Plus, they are really wonderful people. Seeing this (i.e. that money is not the most important thing in my life) is also a very positive realization.

till next time 🙂


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