bless the handymen and handywomen

I was walking as usual this afternoon from work and I have seen a crew of three repairing the roof of a house. One of the crew members were a woman. I loved this and thought about how nice it would be like her. Being handy and doing all the repairs at home.

Alas, I cannot. I have done caulking for the first time last year. Similarly staining the deck and the fences. I should say I was scared (that I would do more harms than good), very slow and frustrated at the beginning, but more experienced and confident at the end. I have a couple of things to do at home, such as painting the walls which I have never done before. Now that I have learnt after the staining experience that I may need do apply something else first beforeΒ the paint/stain. Ok. The store staff are there to help with choosing them and tell me the tips. Nevertheless, i am not naive to think that I can do everything just right.. So I feel like I should first watch it done by someone who knows what she/he is doing πŸ™‚ Then I can feel more confident trying painting myself.

In the mean time, I have some minor stuff to be done; fixing the faucets (a little bit wobbly) and draining the water heater. Luckily I had met with someone last year, who is interested in doing these. This is such a relief as it is almost impossible to get big repair companies to do these “little jobs”. I feel grateful for having handy people around and my interest to learn from them.

Hope all will have someone to help them with their house repairs, however little or big they may be, in a timely manner πŸ™‚


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  1. We have found that some of the “simple” repairs take much longer than we anticipate. Plan on it taking double the amount of time people claim it will take! The feeling after, though, is priceless knowing you completed the project yourself. Good luck!

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  2. I’ve always fantasized about being able to fix things and not have to depend on others to do the fixing for me. But I got caught up doing other things, like cooking, cleaning, working, studying, writing, etc.. But seriously, being able to do a little bit of everything in life must feel pretty rewarding. I want that level of freedom.

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    1. me too:) I believe if I observe and try under supervision once, I can try and excel in stuff πŸ™‚ I am seeing people building houses or renovating parts of it and I am thinking; what a nice skill. well, there is hope, we are still young πŸ™‚


  3. Boy, you hit the nail on the head. Our part of the world is definitely short on handymen. Must be no way to make a living at it because there is surely no shortage of work to be done. Plumbing and electrical is simply out of my skillset. Most other odd jobs i can tackle. But i have some ancient faucets that need replacing in the basement and I’ll make a mess of it if i try to change them out.

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