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The summer is slipping out of our hands; I have been wearing jackets in the last few days. I sure will miss the sunshine πŸ™‚ Well…. till next time.

I left the office early but continued to work at home. Sometimes it is a lot efficient this way, though I feel bad about not being in the office.. Anyways, looks like my “take-it-easy” days are over and I really need to kick if I want to finish things in a timely manner. And I do. Working will thus continue throughout the weekend. Cannot complain πŸ™‚

I did grocery shopping this afternoon, which really made me feel good. I like shopping :); I gotta tell you though buying less items and as required made a huge difference in my “waste” levels. I am glad that this is working for me.

Today was also the first day of my new financial week (i.e. feeling rich as I have a weekly allowance at my disposal)- I treated myself with a cup of take-out coffee in the morning, right before a 9am meeting; could not be happier πŸ™‚ And I am really proud of myself that I now have no problem catching the bus or waiting for it should I get up a little bit earlier or late. When I remember the internal fights I have had for several months till the last couple of weeks, I am sincerely surprised. It tells me that change does not come easy but it comes eventually….

By this inspiration and by noting the fact that I was only gaining weight in the last few weeks by not cooking meals at home, I am now moving up with my next challenge in the list: eating healthy food and losing weight. Just like taking the bus rather than the cab, I expect this effort to be a little bit inconsistent at the beginning, but later becoming standard.

And did I mention I loved shopping? πŸ™‚ Yes.. Yes, I have. I will treat myself to a thrifty store visit this weekend. Hey, I may as well bring the bags of clothes that I had sorted while decluttering my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago. I meant to check them again to make sure that I was not giving away anything that I could use, but the fact that I have not done this since then tells me that I already gave up on these items. Time to find a new home for them.

have a great friday evening/night everyone πŸ™‚

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      1. I like sunlight on a cold day… but I am not a fan of the summer sun. This makes me an odd ball amongst the masses I realise lol I don’t really know what it is about cold weather but it soothes me.

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        1. it is more manageable I guess. when I was in Toronto it would get a lot colder in winter ( – 15-25 Cs during winter) but always would have a clear, blue sky. It was beautiful. And my enjoyment of fall used to be because of its soothing cool temperatures as well πŸ™‚ so I understand.

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  1. I am not excited about summer ending. I am not ready for another tough winter. In fact, I don’t want any winter at all. I am an island girl. I want sun 24/7. Wish I can move to Cali.

    I work remotely too and I don’t love it. I like interacting with my clients. But like you mentioned, I get a lot more done at home than in the office.

    Changing diet is hard. My recommendation is that you start with making your portions really small, and have them more frequently. Then you can add healthy meals to your diet slowly. It will be less of an impact that way and you will lose some weight. Drinking a lot of water is important.

    I have a lot clothes I no longer wear but I may change my mind years from now so I save them for now. Funny how styles come back years later.

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  2. yes, I am remembering you mentioning about how much you would like to be in California before – you know what? maybe it can happen; why not? I always found myself following the work so I went wherever it was, but honestly if I had a choice, I would LOVE to choose a city that I love (like yourself) and make plans/take steps to be there.It would be exciting!

    Keep your clothes if that is what you want; in my case I know that I will not wear them again, even though I lose weight (majority of the clothes are from 3-5 years ago when I was a little bit slimmer). I guess more than that, I like the feeling of “dumping” the past, or “letting go” of things that comes with decluttering and giving away. To me, then, it is more than just cleaning the house . For you it may mean something different – so no worries if you would like to keep your clothes.

    I like the idea of small portions; someone I know has lost weight consistently by eating small portions. It certainly is something I would like to give a try (though I need to find ways to do this at the office. I am not great at cooking for myself and bringing a lunch bag to the office, but hey; I can never know, maybe if I try I may do this, too πŸ™‚

    wishing you a wonderful NY Saturday with lots of sun and warm weather πŸ™‚


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