healthy life-style journal – Sept 8, 2015

Ahem… It has been a week that I started to try to eat better; less bread and bagel, more and diverse salad and protein resources.

I cannot complain about these changes; they seem to be good for me. It is just that I am not sure whether this eating style works for me. Why? Because based on my measurements, it seems like I actually got bigger 🙂

My shoulders and my waist seem to have expanded 2 cms and my hips 1 cm since last week.

Ahem… Ahem…

Gotta be a little bit more careful then – maybe eliminate extra calories (e.g. limit olive oil in the salad)?

Arggh. Anyways, here is what I have done to live healthier:

Yesterday – late night snack: 1 apple, yogurt, 3 slices of whole wheat bread

Today: breakfast; 50 grm of unseasoned peanuts, coffee with creamer and brown sugar

Lunch: a can of sardines in tomato sauce, green tea

Late afternoon snack: 75 grm of peanut

Dinner: large salad with lettuce, red radish, pepper, zucchini, and olive oil. This is the second time I am eating raw zucchini – I must say the idea is weird but raw zucchini tastes just fine.

Exercise: walking 30 min in the afternoon.


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      1. Surprising where those darned calories can hide, eh? I commend you for your efforts! I have heard that filling a big bowl with salad and putting your “extras” on top is a good idea too – olive oil with lemon juice. There is a TED talk about it — I’ll try to find it for you.

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        1. right it is about mitochondria and brain 🙂 I would still go for what my doctor would recommend or what would feel right for me in such a case. Seeing all the food and learning about the nutrients in kale was VERY good 🙂 thanks for taking time to post the link it here

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  1. I officially started along with you last monday – did well, lost 2 lbs, but these past four days visited friends and since she is a fantastic cook, i blew it. See how i blamed her!? 😉 but i know it was my failure. I was doing a lot of work on the farm at the time, but i neglected my daily exercises. Nevertheless my intake exceeded the calories burnt. Back on schedule today.

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    1. :)) do not blame yourself – this kind of interruptions are always expected. I guess it is better to have this kind of lovely socials and enjoy meal than restricting our eating. Keep going; you seem to be doing really well re; loss of 2 pounds 🙂

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