patience seems to pay

So I called my cable company three weeks ago to ask for a better deal on my bundle – they said there was none at the time being. Ok. I did hint that I might cancel it later.

Two weeks ago they sent me two mails, promoting an alternative bundle. I contemplated about it, but for some reason I did not make the call and buy the bundle.

This week I said to my friends that I am considering canceling my cable. I was 95% sure that I could live without it.

Today the company calls me and offers a much better deal than before – and it is $25 cheaper while also providing more internet usage and free long-distance calls. What? 🙂

Aww.. Did you really need to take all these trouble to send me the mails and then to call me? Why did you not give me the deal when I called? I would be happier. Anyways, that was sweet of them.

I am glad that I did not take the deal they promoted in the mail. Sometimes I think that that is a game that is won by the patience. Should I have wanted the deal in the mail, they would not offer me the current one.


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  1. Not sure/can’t remember which country you live in, but usually being nice but mentioning you want to cancel will get you transferred over to the loyalty/retention teams, who have access to much better deals than the regular customer service! I do this annually for my grandpa’s account – saves him hundreds each year!!

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    1. woaa! how nice! I can do that next year as well and see whether I can get lucky again. I am in Canada and our services are expensive compared to the US for example (my friends say so when I tell them the prices)


        1. I need to push myself a little bit more 🙂 I am such a shy thing when comes to asking for money. This has been slightly changing and improving lately though. I started with the cable, and then the credit card’s annual fee. I am getting some discounts. BUT I want to do better. I will get better and less shy over time I guess. thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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  2. i abandoned cable about 5 years ago. just have netflix/amazon and antenna tv. i don’t miss it much. however whenever i get a bonus or a raise it’s the first thing i think about getting. then i look at those bundles and think, no way!

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    1. I am not really watching TV a lot myself, but there are a few shows that I really like. SO I am keeping it for now. I have heard about Netflix and other streaming programs – they sound good too. I have not tried them yet but in future I am considering them rather than the cable. I do not understand why cable is so expensive, especially now there are other and more affordable alternatives 🙂 something for the cable companies to think about 🙂

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  3. Nice! I am paying too much for my services and I’ve been wanting to negotiate with them, which I tried doing once and it didn’t get me anywhere. I think the only way to get them is to say you are switching service. Hmmm…I’ll try that.

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    1. have an alternative, too (in case they do not give you a better deal after you say you would cancel). I was pretty sure that I was not bluffing but serious to cut my cable. So if they had not given me this new deal, I was going to cancel it for sure. I am not good at asking for discounts but hey they make tons of money and for a lot of people they do provide discount – so why not us? I called my credit card company a while ago and got this year’s annual fee waived as well 🙂


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