living in the past, present, and future

I do not understand this “live in the present” idea.

I understand we cannot linger in the past all the time, but sometime it is so nice; good memories are there. Plus, there is so much to learn and understand about ourselves, others, and life as a whole and these can be possible by the history. So why should we not remember (and live in) the past? I guess we can selectively remember those that were good and beneficial to us.

The future; okay we do not know what it can bring, but it can bring  good stuff as much as not so good stuff. Plus, we have plans for our future, no? I do. Should I not plan about my work next week or next years now? I certainly will. Will we have no preparation, no dreams, and no hope for our future?

I have written a post or two about the quotes and context dependency before here and here. Do not buy any idea or believe in a quote just by looking at its face value. Have an open mind instead.

I understand what the “living in the present” is trying to say; to mend the negative feelings caused by past events and to reduce the anxiety for the possible future events. Yet, it should not mean that we can not live in all of these time zones.

My two cents.

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  1. To me, “Live in the present” means to live with all of who I am, in the moment I am in, each and every moment, to the fullest. All of who you I am includes my past.

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      1. For me it means that my mind, body & spirit stay open and awake to the life I am living. Embracing the joy, open, flowing with what is, aware, observant, unafraid. Experiencing love, joy, pain as they come. Ha… rolling with life and in it.

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  2. I live in the past and the present. I stopped living in the future ever since my cancer diagnosis as I am more aware it isn’t promised to anyone. Living in the past, or I should say referencing my past, helps me deal with my present in a wiser way. There is emotional pain as well as wonderful memories. I wish I can let the pains go, although I’ve gotten better.

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    1. it gets better with time I guess, re: letting pain go…anyways for me it is kind of strange – at work I am at the moment (not the past nor the future), but cannot say I live to the fullest as I have to focus a lot and that usually means forgetting everything else (e.g. I forgot to have lunch for example – hardly remember or need). At work too we gotta consider the past and the future, together with today. Out of work, it is different; there are times that I will hang on to the memories from the past, or worry about future because of issues at hand (if I do not then who will help solve the issues?). Over the years I got better with taking “my time” in the afternoons – that has been generally working for me, but time to time it just does not work. I like making plans for my future though 🙂 overall, I am not sure what is going on with me:)))))))


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