healthy life -style journal, Sept 20, 2015

Breakfast: 1/2 slice of whole wheat bread, 1 hard boiled egg, coffee with cream and sugar

Lunch: 1 apple (was working and I did not have time for lunch)

Dinner: chicken noodle soup and red cabbage salad (no olive oil)

Late-night snack: 2 apples, 1 bowl of soup. I am eyeing the yogurt as well 🙂 (added the next day: well I did that; ate yogurt but it tasted sour a little bit; so added 1 table spoon of brown sugar and enjoyed it a lot 🙂 I know… I know… sugar is not that good. I am trying 🙂

Exercise: walking. A lot! Thanks to the Terry Fox Run walk, I got to walk around 1 hr 45 min today. Yay!


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        1. yes you can! I love bread and when I eat, I eat a lot. And since it is so lovely for me, instead of eating all the variety, my diet gets limited. More than that, bread does not agree with my body (almost always I get water retention or extra weight). because of all these reasons, I have been eating more diverse foods and limit the bread in the last few weeks. generally going well 🙂

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          1. Have you pinpointed exactly which bit of it your body disagrees with? Maybe you can just switch the brand of your bread to one which does not have that spefici ingredient? Such as lactose….I can’t drink milk because it dosnt settle so I drink soy milk but I can still have yogurt and cheese just not excessively.

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            1. you made a good point – it can be gluten or something else in wheat products. I have contemplated about switching to gluten-free bread but then decided to limit all wheat products rather (such as bread, bagel, pasta; I… love… all…. of….these…. 🙂

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                    1. alright Sabre – I will remember your name. I think it is a beautiful name; I have always been fascinated with the names starting with the letter “s”, just like yours – I guess it gives a soft & positive air to the name (and the person) 🙂

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