The legacy of Terry Fox

Together with my colleagues, I walked at the Terry Fox Run today :)))

We were seven people and raised more than $700 for cancer research! What an amazing feeling… I am sure all Canadians know who Terry Fox is; for those not in Canada, please check it on internet (here is a brief intro).

Terry Fox was a brave, dedicated, and visionary young man who we lost to sarcoma at a young age. But, his legacy continues. He started his Marathon of Hope 35 years ago in eastern Canada with one leg (he lost the other leg to sarcoma). His aim was to run Canada from east to west, while raising funds for cancer research; he only asked $1 from each Canadian, which would total to $35 M. Unfortunately Terry died before he can finish the Marathon of Hope because of metastasis to his lungs… Since then the Terry Fox Foundation has raised more than $650 M and 84% of all money goes directly to cancer research.

Terry Fox is my hero and every time I remember him, tears fill in my eyes.

Hope we can continue his dream and eventually cure this stupid, sneaky disease called cancer.


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