trivia: decluttering criteria

Let’s assume you are decluttering your house.

Which one of the following criteria you would implement while doing so:

1. keeping things that create joy


2. keeping things that are useful

Enjoy 🙂

16 thoughts on “trivia: decluttering criteria

Add yours

  1. Definitely i use both. Several tubs of keepsakes from when the children were little and a few of when i was little. I think my husbands little boy keepsakes are still at his parent’s house. Otherwise, it had better be in use or it’s gone!

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      1. it is kind of neat that my daughter, when she was a wee tot wore some of the cute dresses i had as a wee tot. she even played with a couple of my old dolls – alas, they did not make it past her. Not that she was rough when them – far from it – it’s just that the fabric was deteriorated.

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        1. isn’t that awesome? I have heard many other stories where the kids used their parents childhood stuff. To me it is so special, so lovely. I am glad you and your daughter got to experience this. And when the time comes, it is okay to let go, too 🙂

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    1. how nice Rebecca 🙂 I have some stuff I do not like that much (for example, I would like to replace my bookcases, which were second hand and do a good job, but for years I have been wishing to get nice crafted ones. I will see when this be a possibility 🙂


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