Calcium and Vitamin D: how to best get them

As a middle aged person, now I am on calcium and Vitamin D supplementation.

I am okay with this; I trust my doctors and medicine to provide me with the best options.

I always knew at one point in my life, I would need calcium supplementation. And, since I moved where I am, I always knew I needed extra vitamin D (here is a foggy city with little sunshine and long winters); I so feel the difference in my energy levels when I go visit a sunny place (psychological or not, I am not sure).

Nevertheless, my doctor’s office sent me a brochure to inform me about the daily required levels for calcium and Vit D.

My doctor also noted that not more than 50% of the required values should come from the supplements. I loved this very much.

Did you know that health-care providers prefer that these micronutrients (and possibly others) to be obtained from the food/drinks, but not the supplement pills? So cool.

The truth is I find supplements artificial and would prefer intake through food, too.

So, here is some brief info for the calcium and vitamin D (also here):  these websites give info on how much we need (changes based on age and sometime sex) and the foods that contain them. Milk seems to be doing well in both cases (as well as the fortified orange juice and others) and fish seems great for Vit D intake.

Go check these sites out and see how you are doing in terms of getting your calcium and vitamin D from food.

6 thoughts on “Calcium and Vitamin D: how to best get them

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    1. I think it is common and since I am a female after a certain age my need for calcium increases too (in order to keep my bone density healthy). As per Vit D, I guess the geography has a role, too (I am not in a place with lots of sunshine). we all need some sunshine (or other sources of Vit D) 🙂


  1. After finishing my treatments, they tested my vit. D levels — had a 6! They gave me prescriptions– something like 50,000 mgs 3x a week until the levels went up. I’ve been taking 6,000 units daily ever since. Levels are OK. I didn’t know Vit. D was so important!! Apparently we don’t get enough from the sun or foods so we need the supplements. There’s also some research about vit. D in relationship to breast cancers ( AND

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    1. boy… you had really low levels :((( I am glad that they noticed it and put you on supplements. One of my colleagues a couple of years ago needed to check into ER because of the horrible way she has been feeling – she also I think found relief with the supplementation. the articles you sent the links for are interesting…. the second one says too much of VitD can be toxic. I think I had heard that before. Good to remember 🙂

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