work, Murphy’s Law, and stress management

Today was a stressful work day – but now all is great 🙂

It is like Murphy’s law that whenever I came home early to keep working in the comfort my home offers, I am required to be at the office. Or, that is how I feel.

For one, I had one document review waiting for me, which I had postponed, not realizing it was due today. After reminder emails and voice messages, I came home to focus on it and start reviewing it.

I could not start it right away though; I have got three other emails, all time sensitive and asking for my immediate response. One of them quite serious as it required me revising some documents in my office computer. It is awesome that I can connect to my office computer from home and revise or create documents right on it. But, in the middle of my work, my office computer stopped working and eventually I lost my connection, only to be able to connect it hours later. Arghh :))

One by one I took care of the remaining stuff, but I gotta tell you the stress I experienced was something.

And, as if these were not enough, I also wanted to finish staining my deck. I did that, too.

Why do I do that? I can just relax and take care of stuff on time, without creating more jobs for myself. I could for example delay staining my deck. But no, I had to do it as I had decided today was the day…

I like planning and following my plans, but I guess I need to be spontaneous sometime and implement better prioritization strategy as well.

Or better yet, I may just convince myself that I can take care of stuff without stressing myself. The first part is true; I do take care of stuff. Big time. Managing stress? That is what I need to work on 🙂

have a great Monday evening everyone 🙂


2 thoughts on “work, Murphy’s Law, and stress management

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  1. Murphy’s Law, gotta love him. I work pretty late hours and can typically stay to do whatever needs my attention. But it never fails that the one time I really really need to be somewhere, there’s an emergency at the office that only I can deal with that requires me to stay. Sigh.

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