random thoughts

Is this just Tuesday today?


It felt like a Wednesday; I am not sure why. I think I have a weekly stress level that reaches to its maximum on Fridays. Since yesterday (and this afternoon) was stressful, this may be the reason why I feel closer to Friday 🙂

It has been a warm and shiny day today, for which I am very grateful. I came home early today too after writing a last minute letter that my boss requested. She is very nice and I cannot possibly say no to her without any good reason. So I kicked a little bit and wrote the letter, which turned out to be not so bad 🙂 I often need time to revise and make a letter/document shinny – I did not have this chance today, but hey, I did it without sweating like a river or looking at the sky like a gerbil facing a threat, all motionless and catatonic 🙂

The walk in the morning was awesome. I can get up anytime I want (i.e. no need to adjust my time according to the bus’ schedule, which is quite a freedom) and enjoy the scenery along the way. I must admit many thoughts race thru my mind while walking, but maybe I need that too?

The walk is easy now as the route is usually down hill or flat (in contrast, in winter the downhill walk will be almost impossible due to ice on the sidewalks/road). I am hoping we will not see the winter till January so that I can keep doing this.

I do not forget to pat my back after each time I walk and arrive my office feeling accomplished, relaxed, and warmed up quite a bit – just enough to feel like I have worked my body; that it is in great condition, and that I found the joy of walking once again in my life time. A simple act of walking in the mornings creating that many positive emotions is amazing.

Maybe I should look deep in my memory to identify other things that I used to do with great enjoyment. I know weight lifting was one of them and as soon as my back feels alright, I am keen on starting that again. What else?

I will figure them out soon. Life is too short, too valuable to not enjoy.

I hope you will take this opportunity to identify yours.


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