how to keep up with budget and diet while traveling?

Looking at the title of the post, you might have thought this post is about the useful tips that can help you.

Well, this is not the case. The title of the post a genuine question I have in my mind.

I have a couple of trips to make in the coming weeks. I am excited about them (I like to travel), but of course the time away from the office means extra work before and after the trip, which can explain my stress levels nowadays 🙂

Anyways, since I am on two plans; budgeting and healthy life-style, I wonder how these trips will affect me.

To tell you the truth, I have a tendency to relax, and eat what I want and buy what I want (mostly little gifts for people I love) during my trips.

I have progressed quite a bit with my budget and it is more or less in the right direction, but I still have a long way to go. In addition, my healthy eating and losing weight plan does not work at all. I need to come up with a good strategy and have some motivation and dedication to keep going with these plans.

I am planning to have snacks, fruits, and sandwiches with me on the first day of my trips; at least I may be able to eat one day good, without indulging into eating at my destinations. I am of course planning to taste different food and whatever I like but cannot find where I am (Chinese and Japanese food for example) once I arrived my destinations.

My other challenge would be how to not eat the free food (to be offered at the meetings I am taking the trips for); they are my weaknesses and I am certainly concerned….. Argh… why the snacks and other food offered at professional meetings are not healthy type? Like broccoli. Or milk. Or, I do not know, something other than the pastries, cookies, and sweets?

The only things I am not concerned about are walking and my supplements (calcium and VitD); i will have my supplement pills with me and I am sure I will find milk to drink wherever I go. Also, generally I am very energetic while on trips, partly because I love to explore the cities I am visiting; so walking will not be a problem, either.

So, wish me luck with my trips.

But at the same time, please tell me if you have any tips and strategies that can help keep my budgeting and eating plans on track while traveling 🙂

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  1. One way to stay on track with eating, but still indulge in the local fair, is maybe choose dishes that are “native” but heavy on the veggie side. As far as budgeting goes, it helps if you set money aside prior to leaving specifically for the trip, if not, plan to go on an extreme budget when you get back to reign your finances back. Good luck and have, safe travels!

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    1. I loved two things you suggested: eating veggie heavy meals; both Chinese and Japanese food are mostly so; so I am feeling great already! (Yay! guilt-free dining). And going extreme budgeting until I take my trips – I still have time and i certainly can do this to have some funds solely dedicated for leisure activities during the trips (I love going to museums for example). OMG! I can actually do this 🙂 thank you

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  2. When I travel I plan out a daily allowance for food & (all other non-essentials) some days usually end up costing more than budget, but on others I spend almost nothing. I try to pay for as much in advance as possible by pre-ordering rail passes, paying for tours, purchasing museum tickets, concert tickets etc ahead of time. I like to get fresh fruit, cheeses and veggies at local markets when I can, and only eat out once a day. We make use of hotel pools & gyms and always take the stairs when we can. I usually lose weight while traveling. ;p

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    1. losing weight during trips? this never happened to me, but your words certainly gives me hope. taking the stairs; check. eating out only once a day sounds great; check; eating fresh produce; hmmm; that means I will shop; GREAT! I love shopping, especially at new places; check. Although I am not even sure which museums to go, so cannot buy the tickets now, but I can actually do many of your suggestions. awesome 🙂

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            1. me too. Such a great feeling; leaving everything behind for some time is freedom; breaking the (boring) routine is awesome; being in the moment (or alert to what is happening around me) is meditative; and seeing new places and exploring them is both educational and fun. I am lucky I have 2-3 work related trips every year 🙂

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              1. Yes, that is lucky. I don’t get many work related trips in anymore. I have started taking one big one each year with my kids and a bunch of shorter ones, every chance I can.

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  3. One trick to avoiding the sweets and pastries offered at professional meetings and conferences is to eat before going and also pack a snack in your bag. If you’re full before you get there you will be less tempted to eat the less healthy snacks. Good luck on your adventure!

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    1. excellent idea. I gotta stop being tempted, too 🙂 I love pastry 😦 there is hope though; I stopped eating bagels a while ago, which I thought I would never do. I am not very confident that I will keep away from the pastry but I may as well exercise some control, yes?) 🙂

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  4. Try to retrain the way you think, say “I choose to eat healthy, I choose to save money, I choose to exercise” and that helps to change your attitude completely around. Have a wonderful trip and choose the things you know will make you proud of you!! 🙂

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    1. :))) Deb, you have more confidence in me than I myself 🙂 my past records say my choices are likely not gonna be different than before, but I must say I love the affirmations. I will add one more to it and repeat as I go. I believe it will help, let’s see 🙂

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  5. Bring snacks with you, like almonds, peanuts, dried cranberries (and other fruits), healthy bars, fresh fruits, etc. Avoid eating from buffet bars or places where cooks don’t wear gloves and hats (so hair doesn’t fall inside the food. YUK!). About budget, I am not so great about that when I am traveling but I do plan to eat small meals during the day and concentrate on finding a place for a great heavy dinner. Have safe travels!

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    1. thanks Rebecca – I will shop tomorrow and bu the snacks. I am sure they will be very helpful. I do not like hair in my food either :)))) though I must admit I never checked for cooks’ hat or gloves! great tip 🙂


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