random thoughts

A wonderful, sunny and warm October day 🙂

Now that I have taken care of a bunch of work before I take my next trip, today feels “empty”.

What should I do to fill this boring sensation? 🙂

That is what working at a high speed does; one gets bored when it is finished. Only because our activities and thoughts are so much focused on the things we need to take care of. Naturally, we forgot about the rest.

Going back to my question, re: what should I do now, here are my options:

  1. take a long walk and enjoy the scenery
  2. read a book that I meant to read for sometime
  3. call a friend I have not seen or talk to for some time
  4. browse the TV or the internet for useful information or entertaining programs
  5. plan for the coming days or future ideas related to my life, life-style, or work
  6. declutter the final bunch (CDs and VHSs)
  7. stretch at home
  8. cook a nice meal
  9. drink tea or hot chocolate
  10. be grateful for everything I have
  11. explore a topic I have not tackled much, such as history
  12. make an inventory of what I have accomplished at work to see how well I have done, what needs to be expedited, what needs to be changed/improved
  13. assess my budget and healthy-life style plans
  14. make someone joyful by helping, supporting, or complementing
  15. do deep breathing exercises
  16. write a poem 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday everyone 🙂

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