I have many objectives in my live that I believe will make it better, make me healthier and wealthier (at least debt free). These are more or less attainable.

My life-long objective was to be happy. I have had happy periods in my life, which I cherish. These memories also make me believe that I can be happy.

Do not get me wrong, I am not unhappy. I just would not define myself as a happy person.

I just have had a conversation with a friend of mine. She is a single mom and having financial problems. On top of that, she feels stuck and hopeless. Obviously a down time for her. I could do nothing but listen to her. I understand that she is deeply unhappy.

It is selfish, but after hearing her hurdles, I felt blessed. So what if I do not feel happy? I at least did not have the challenges my friend have: I was in a safer environment, largely abundant, with a stable and awesome job that stresses me but also excites me. I never needed to think about finding the food for the next meal in my life. Maybe I am spoiled in fact.

I always believed that happiness is not a neutral state (as the state I am in where I am neither happy nor unhappy). It is rather a positive state where I smiled for no reason, looked at life and observed it rather than reacting to it, and hummed songs along the way. Life was very enjoyable then.

I also know what unhappiness is; it is agonizing, painful, and depressing. Very negative state.

I have had long, unhappy periods of life in the past. I wish not to feel that way again. So what if I do not feel happy? At least I do not feel unhappy right now.

But, as soon as I read the above sentence, something inside me started to rebel; I want to be happy!

So how do we get happy?

I have analyzed the times I was happy. I have no particular reason that I can put my finger on. It is so fuzzy that seriously if you asked me what would make me happy for a prolonged time, I am sure I could not tell you what that was.

This does not mean that I do not get momentarily happy; I do. when I see my family and friends, when I travel, when I realize something, when I have good luck in something… But momentarily being happy and being happy for extended periods of time are different; it is the latter that I am curious about.

Is it possible that we get happier as we age? i am not sure. I for sure deal with things and emotions a little bit better now that I have experience. But as I age, the probability of serious issues and experiences (such as sickness, losing someone loved, grieving etc.) also increase. I do not know, but I have been feeling like I am at the best period of my life. And I should be very grateful for it. Perhaps I should forget about happiness and accept what I have as the best.

Still though something inside me rebels…


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  1. I understand what you mean. I am happier than I ever have been and see myself as a positive person most of the time, but I’m not sure I’d actually describe myself as a “happy person.” Maybe that goes along with the label thing for me, maybe I want to just describe myself as happy and positive only. Hmm something to think about isn’t it?

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    1. I hope you will feel and describe yourself as a happy person 🙂 my post was a little bit dark as I have suffered from depression and unhappy periods of time in the past. But I am thankful for where I am right now. Go ahead and be happy and positive :).

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        1. I am sorry you have suffered from them too; both are painful conditions and I am glad you are doing better now. It is great that you have taken steps to alleviate them – I believe they do work and on the long run remain very effective as well 🙂

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  2. I’ve gone through differences stages when it comes to “being happy.” Such a hard state to describe. Right now I allow myself to experience all the emotions that life offers, the good and the bad. Enough suppression! I am also in the process of learning to accept the things I cannot change. And finally, I am learning to not be afraid to walk away. I have now realized those three elements have helped me reach a level of happiness I never had before.

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