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I am okay with admitting that I was wrong. Humility and setting the record right feels a lot better than ego playing tricks. Plus, I do not like negative feelings; it is a lot better when all sides are content.

Today after a couple of heated conversations (because of months of delay – almost a year now), with someone who was supposed to do some work for me, I realized I made him responsible for also the things he was not directly responsible for (he was partially only). I realized this only after he made his points. The end result was we both were aggravated and it did not help either of us. As a jerk-knee reaction, I have got defensive for a second or so, but later saw what he meant. And I acknowledged this. Sometimes, we forget the details, the whole picture I guess.

I have been stressed for the work that remained undone for so long now that this experience was good at reminding me once again what was important. Peace is better than having arguments. Mental clarity is a lot better than a cluttered mind. Keeping a good relationship is better than hurting it first and then trying to mend later.

I keep asking myself though: how do we find the balance between protecting our rights and interests while also controlling our frustration and still being constructive and kind?

In my experience, it is possible when we are relaxed. When we think that all will eventually be fine.

Off to stretching and listening to relaxing music now. Time for some inner work…

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    1. it is, is it not. It is hard to decide which way of the balance to go sometime (as I experienced today). I guess sometimes it is just a trial and error; I was on the error side today. Hoping to take it easy and manage the situation better next time 🙂

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      1. Seems to be the theme of life lol, unfortunately… but it’s possible to find balance in general. Some days won’t be perfect with that stuff but some days might be pleasant even if there’s frustration/conflict.

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        1. your words are so wise.. good for you as your blog suggest you are young. if I were you, I would be proud of myself. And I like the fact that you mentioned about the pleasant days we all can have 🙂


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