middle age awakening

As a middle aged person (mid 40’s now) and familiar with life and death, and change in the body and age, I have started to have different feelings, different thoughts for some time now.

Death is a subject that I, like many people, would like to ignore. I am lucky in the sense that none of my family members and dear friends have yet passed away. But I am at an age that makes me realize that this may change soon, starting maybe with my parents. Not that this means that young people in my family or friends cannot die; they may. It is just that the increasing age makes it more likely. And all is scary…

I do not think I will ever come to terms with death or understand it fully for that matter. But I am glad I at least started to realize how real it is.

A couple of days ago, I thought about my own death as well; it scared me as it felt lonely. This thought, the thought of my own death, was something new to me. I did not want to die. This somehow helped me to notice my love for life.

I decided to do and prioritize things differently to have a life that I will love and has no or little regrets.

Regrets are hard and like anyone else I too have regrets; I wished I was happier for example. I wish I had handled things better and made my well being a priority. I wish I had spent more time with my family and I did not love my job that much. My job probably has a bigger role in my life than others, as I not only earn a living with it, but also changed the countries and cities I have lived in,  hardly got settled in anywhere, and with it and because of it I have got to get many difficult life and work experiences.

Eventually, I am grateful for what I have become and for my life as a whole. But it is time to re-think, re-assess, and re-decide what is important, what is not. What deserves my time and energy? How do I find more meaning in it? How do I help others better? How do I stop beating myself and relax? How do I take better care of myself? What are my needs that I neglected? What can I dump along the way to release myself from stress, sadness, and hopelessness? What excites me and how do I get them?

I feel like I will revisit this topic time to time. I am not interested in having a bucket list of 50 things to do before 50, but hey, maybe I should. Maybe they will help me discover my needs and wishes. This is gonna be challenging as I am someone who does not have long term plans, but maybe that also should change.

Now that is what I call the middle age awakening, rather than a middle age crisis 🙂

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  1. It is a wake up call to think about things like that. My uncle passed away a few days ago unexpectedly at age 61, and I have been thinking similar thoughts as you.

    If you want to make a bucket list, even just for fun or inspiration, do it! It’s interesting and helps inspire thought into your mind as to what you really want to do.

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    1. I am sorry about your uncle; may he rest in peace and i hope he have had a great life…. I have attempted to write a bucket list a couple of times in the past with no luck 🙂 but I will keep trying! 🙂


  2. I have thought about my death a lot ever since my cancer diagnosis and I’ve come to realize it isn’t actual death that scares me, it’s the transition. Of course, I would rather not die at a young age but it can happen. Part of my struggle with this disease is trying to find a way to accept mortality as something natural and as part of life. We ignore mortality for so long that once we get reminded of it, it’s like a horror movie. I wish it wasn’t.

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  3. you are so right; we ignore death as it is painful for the people behind and an unknown experience per se. I think I read it somewhere or a friend of mine said it that we have the need to ignore our own death, otherwise our minds would not handle the emotional part of it (so it is like a survival instinct of something..)… I liked what you said though; maybe we could benefit from reminding ourselves that death is a natural part of life (as you said) and this can help alleviate the anxiety it creates…


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