I feel fearful nowadays darling
lots happened; I am weakened
one by one I am hit
repeatedly I got up
scrapped by each trouble
slower over time
despite my best wishes
I am feeling vulnerable now
I fear I will give up
not because I think I cannot get up
but because I may not want to
you sure would say
when the next one comes
“resist darling, resist
get up, just show up”
I got so tired darling
remind me one last hope
I am fearful nowadays
I may give up


All rights reserved.  © https://lifeasiinterpret.wordpress.com/

14 thoughts on “darkness

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        1. :)) I am glad you commented and we clarified this. I am so sorry that I caused you this. I had a similar reaction by another lovely blogger on one of my fiction trials… After that I started labeling my short stories with the word “fiction”. Knowing how depressive this poem was, I also labeled as a “poem” at the beginning of the post.. I will find better ways to make sure readers understand such posts are not real. So thanks a lot for your comment again, appreciated.

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    1. thanks Rebecca; mental endurance and attitude to pain and problems are tricky – when to accept, when to yield, when to keep resisting or reacting to overcome them… that has been a dilemma for me for some time and I am glad I started writing about it 🙂

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