I just read somewhere about cherishing our friends; it said when they are loyal, they are priceless. Or something like that. There was also a picture of two young women hugging each other with large smiles on their faces 🙂

I have had such friends and I am very lucky to have them.

When I started thinking about my friends, I could not remember what made them being in my live for so long, with so many memories. Was it their kindness? Loveliness? Respect? Sincerity? Support in bad times? Being happy for me when great things happened? Being excited for me, with me? Spending time with our families? The care we show each other? The extra steps we have taken for each other?

What drives these behaviour? Why some people care about us and become great friends and then many others cannot?

See, I cannot put my finger on what makes friends friends. What distinguish them from thousands of other people I have met in my life….

I made the majority of my friends before the age of 30. We studied together, we laughed and cried together. We trust each other. We love each other. I would not change them to the world. The only good friend I have made after the age of 30 is a great person, a colleague of mine who is smart, humane, kind, funny, and dependable. I wonder whether I will make another one in my future – possibly not.

I love my friends. Perhaps I will never know the reasons that led them and me keep being friends, love and care about each other for so many years, but I know that I am grateful for them for ever.

Next time I see them, I will give them an extra hug.

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  1. Great friends are definitely special and rare!! When I starting selling Tupperware, friends became an interesting topic for me. I had some friends who were very social and seemed to have many friends but they were actually the ones who would have the least people show up at their parties. The friends who seemed very introverted and quieter, ended up having more people come. I was surprised by this at first but soon realized that the depths of the friendships were different.

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    1. what an interesting observation – I had never thought about introvert/extrovert and the friendship angle before. Thanks for bringing this point. you may be right; it is the depth of the friendship that matters; maybe introverts have more time and wise words than extroverts? maybe introverts, by talking less about themselves and listening to us more, make great friends? hmmmm. a great point to think about 🙂


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