pacifying ourselves

I guess we all have times in our lives when we felt the need to pacify ourselves.

I have been feeling it since yesterday; I am not sure what bothers me, but the fact that I keep doing repetitive actions, such as cross words or puzzles, eat as I please, and spend money more liberally than before tells me that my subconsciousness is working on some feelings and I am unconsciously trying to keep my mind busy…. Or reward it.

In my experience, such periods of self-pacifications ends up with some realizations that hurt at first but then help re-structure myself, my thoughts, or my behavior. That is not always a negative experience; in fact I am curious now what the coming days will bring me. I hope to finally make the decisions that will further improve my life (such as quitting unnecessary expenses and unhealthy habits) or events or emotions that I need to finally face and then move on.

I welcome this episode with curiosity and with the acknowledgement that while it may disturb my emotional world, I know eventually it will be good for me.

self-appreciation: I thank myself for noticing this (life experience is a great thing 🙂 ), being curious about it, and having a healthy and mature stand about it.

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