healthy life – style journal, Nov 18, 2015

After eating all the great(!) left overs from the dinner at the weekend and ranting about my inability to keep up with healthy eating habit, I am glad to say that I am returning back to eating better today.

breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg, coffee with creamer and brown sugar

lunch: beefy eggplant meal with 2 slices of whole wheat bread

dinner: pasta with yogurt and cucumber; 2 apples

late-night snack (added later): 30 grms of cheese, 5 table spoon of honey. For some reason, I am craving for sweets. I must say it is likley because of the high carb eating lately. got ta get back to limited carb eating..

exercise: 30 min walk in the afternoon

supplements: iron at noon; calcium and Vit D after dinner

stretching: 5 min! Yay! I did stretch today. Listening to relaxing music and relaxing my muscles, even for a short time like 5 min, felt awesome 🙂 I am glad I have kept this category in my posts so far; it helps me to remember this one activity

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    1. I have not experienced anything negative that I can recall since I started taking vitamin D. Mine is quite low, 1 pill a day. I take it mostly to help my bone health (together with calcium tablet), but I also drink vitamin D+calcium fortified milk usually everyday on top of the supplement. my doctor has recommended taking at least 50% of my daily dose of calcium and vitamin D from food (not the supplement). have you talked to your doctor about it? there are some good info on the net (from health authorities about the daily required levels of vitamin D, which changes depending on the gender and age of the individual). I had a post about them before; maybe it is useful

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      1. Ok, I think it’s interesting that I’ve been craving eggs, milk, and tuna lately and those are some of the foods listed that contain Vit D and calcium. My body must know that I need these. My doctor told me to take 2000 IU’s which makes sense if only 50% should be supplements and I’ll keep ordering those tuna sandwiches at lunch!

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