change of the day

While I happen to have a quite simple life, I realized lately that there were still somethings that need to change.

Partly because of the overwhelming feelings lately, the need for change, and my usual laziness :), I have finally today re-arranged the furniture at my home.

The new arrangement is not the best but it gives me a sense of change; my couch is now closer to the beginning of the house and TV/study, rather than being at the back; that changes my perspective and the way I enjoy my house.

I also changed the covers of the couch; previously I had two pieces of covers that were doing an amazing job protecting the fabric from my ink (I use pen a lot and everywhere I sit eventually gets the inks stain) and keeping me warm in this cool environment, yet these covers needed to be straightened up everyday after I sit on the couch. What a silly way to feel like “I have one more thing to do” and waste my emotions, energy, and time on. Now I have one large cover that is also of a great color. This change not only makes my life easier but also energizes me and my home.

I also changed the way my bed was in my bedroom; now it is lining up with another wall in my room. I will be able to get more sunshine in the mornings with this arrangement; this I hope will help me wake up easier in the mornings. I am interested to see how it will feel in the morning.. I hope it will also help me get rid of the thought of “everything is the same”…

I am loving what I have done today; it took time and at one point I was not sure how to fix everything, but now it is done. I am proud of myself and excited at the same time aboutย this change.

cheers ๐Ÿ™‚


PS; you may ask what my usual laziness have got to do with rearranging the furniture. Changing the covers was motivated by my laziness ๐Ÿ™‚ rather than the need for change in the scenery.

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