healthy life – style journal, Nov 23, 2015

Well… well… well.. for some reason I run out of appetite again šŸ™‚

breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg, coffee with creamer and brown sugar

lunch: 1 hard boiled egg, tea

dinner: 1 bowl of red lentil soup (this has been the 4th night I have had this soup – I am grateful for food, but I guess I will just freeze the remaining portion for later consumption. I also learnt that I should use less lentil than before to do this soup in the right amount..), 3 slices of bread, 30 grms of cheese

late-night snack (to be added later):

exercise: 10 min walking in the morning, 30 min walking in the afternoon

supplements: iron after the dinner, no calcium or vit D supplement today

stretching: none


4 thoughts on “healthy life – style journal, Nov 23, 2015

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    1. sure; two reasons for me to use the brown sugar. 1) it is more complex than the white sugar so enters the blood slower than the white sugar (this helps me with keeping my blood sugar levels more stable), and 2) it has a distinct aroma and smell that I like šŸ™‚


    1. well, yes my plan was to lose 25 pounds, but it is very slow. I have been on this eating plan (low carbs, more regular eating etc.) since september. my weight did not change too much. So I gave up measuring it. Nevertheless, I believe low carbs are helping me with my blood sugar levels and also I eat more veggies and fruits than before. so I keep writing..


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