little indulgences

I have been drinking a mango-berry juice blend from an international store in the last 3-4 days. One of my friends gave me a bottle. At first I did not show interest, but once I tasted it, I was hooked 🙂

I call it my “little indulgence”. Drinking small amounts over 3-4 hours at night has given me enjoyment. It is sugary and that is why I try to drink only 100-150 centiliters of it per day.

To tell you the truth, it is not cheap, but I have now motivated to save more money so that I can afford one bottle a week. By walking to the office yesterday and today, I feel like earned the money to purchase it. In other words, I am trading money for it.

I have been thinking about it; such little things can make such a huge and positive difference in my life. What other little indulgences can I have in my life?

The list I came up with is not too long, but it is good start. Whenever I need something to excite me in my life, I will return back to this list and acquire the items. So that I can feel pampered and enjoying my life :

1. berry-mango juice

2. tea with honey and lemon

3. new lipstick

4. a new soap, hand cream, moisturizer with nice scent

5. a new hat/toque: now that it is winter and I like these, time to find out the ones I have somewhere at the house first, and then maybe buy one that I may like. I have had 2 hats that I was very fond of which I lost last year.. I can get similar ones.

6. new hair cut

7. new hair color

8. a new book

9. baguette: I love these bread; every once a while I can enjoy it

10. gourmet cheese

11. rice cracker: I love it even though it does not agree with my system too much. every once a while alright.

12. chocolate;  even though I do not have a sweet tooth, every once a while should be okay.


what are your little indulgences? 🙂


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  1. Nice list. I love buying exotic fruit I don’t generally find around where I live so we actually drive many miles to get them. I make shakes (soursop, guava, papaya, etc.). I love winter hats and scarfs. I may end up getting a new one today although I don’t need them. They make me feel cozy and protected. I also enjoy buying toys for my cat because I enjoy watching her play with them.

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