Games of Thrones and thoughts

I have been silent lately as I am busy watching Game of Thrones (GoT) 🙂

I could not resist and purchased the 5 books in the series – as a gift. I plan to read them during the holidays. Cannot wait!

This series of books (as they say) as well as the HBO TV series are full of violence and amoral behavior. I am not in favor of these and not going to further dwell into or discuss these aspect in detail. If you are interested in, many others did discuss these; just check the internet; there are many colorful discussions. Thus, I must say my interest in GoT is not about how wrong and cruel some of its contents are, but how creative and original are the stories and the imaginary world and time (the author George RR  Martin did a great job), and the questions it creates in my mind.

For one, GoT is no fairy tale where everything eventually gets better, good people triumph over the bad, and love always is cherished and wins. The dynamics of the stories is very shocking as no character is immune to violence, injustice, or death. The lives of anyone can be turned up or down any minute, anywhere, by any means.

This story, hence, more than anything else tells how unpredictable life is. Life we all can know, and even though the life in GoT cannot be comprehended fully (the rich array of life experiences described, some of which can only be known by reading history books, meshed in a creative tale that develops in a time and place that we never can know, perhaps unless we read the books), we can still relate.

A couple of characters are easy to admire (e.g. Ned Stark), some are easy to hate (e.g. Cersei Lannister, Joffrey Lannister), some are easy to relate to (e.g. Brienne of Tarth), some are easy to entice us by their wit and intelligence (e.g. Tyrone Lannister), and some are confusing, somehow disgusting, somehow humane, and continuously developing (e.g. Jamie Lannister).

I have been mostly interested in the interactions and influences on each other of Brienne and Jamie lately. The character development in the case of Jamie is interesting; such an easily hateable, in some ways disgusting (by today’s values), and sadly (as it is revealed later in the story) mostly misunderstood (as he never felt the need to make a case about himself) and vastly manipulated (by his own weaknesses) character can work on changing and redeeming himself is very, very interesting.

There have been a couple of things I have learnt/liked from the interactions of Brienne and Jamie in the story. Honor, loyalty, values, conflicting priorities, success, defeat, comradeship (the main theme later in the Brienne and Jamie story), support, kindness, and love (not only the romantic love) all of which can be and should be interpreted within a context. Context dependency, which is one of my interest in real life, makes all of these way more interesting than usual for me (this is the reasons why I noted above that reading the books that describe the world and time when these stories develop may be the only way to understand these stories).

Some fans on the internet say that Brienne and Jamie are in love with each other; most think it is obvious in the case of Brienne, but Jamie’s case is not clear. I am not sure about this yet. I think these two have a special bond; they both find something in each other that they did not experienced with others. Yet, I do not think it is a romantic love. Not yet.

One thing struck me about their relationship though; I started to think about the different types of love, even so called romantic love. The poem I have written yesterday directly reflects this. It does not always happen that I start re-evaluating things and experiences in life as basic as love – that tells me that these books and these two characters somehow help develop my understanding. That, too me, is both surprising and priceless.

It looks like you will hear from me about GoT in the coming days and months. Just let me get my books 🙂

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more of your Game of Thrones thoughts.

    By the way, although the books are filled with immoral behavior, with villains seeming to have an unfair advantage, there are many, many characters in the books who are rock solid and heroic. They just don’t get as much press.

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    1. you are right 🙂 Rob Stark was great so was his father and many others. I try not to interpret these characters with today’s values – I think that is what is somehow hampering understanding that imaginary time, world, and characters as they are. I cannot wait to read the books!

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          1. Brienne is an excellent person to admire!

            Since you’ve not read the books, I’ll stick to the show (although some of my choices are because of the books)

            I’m a big fan of Ned’s guard captain, poor doomed Jory Cassel, and Stannis’ right hand man, Ser Davos the Onion Knight. Brynden “Blackfish” Tully is a solid guy to have on your team.

            Ser Barristan Selmy is also great.

            I like Jorah, but he’s more of a flawed character.

            In the books, there are several others, there’s a kingsguard I’m fond who is kind to Sansa (not talking about the Hound, but I’m also fond of him), members of the Night’s Watch who are brave and virtuous (and not in the show as such).

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            1. will be on the look for these. the biggest character change is in jamie, which is very intriguing – want to understand this character better and I would love to know why this transformation was designed by GRR Martin… For some reason Sansa has not been on my favorite list as I have no idea what she thinks (though we all can see what she feels) – will read your post about this character. I am now watching Season 4 episode 9 where the nightwatchers are attacked 🙂 so I found you mentioning about them very interesting now 🙂

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