healthy life – style journal, Dec 1, 2015

By working long hours at the office, coupled with the snow on the roads cost me not walking today at all, but that is okay. I knew once the snow started, my walking would be limited. I should make plans as to how to otherwise exercise now..

breakfast: coffee with creamer and brown sugar

lunch: two cans of fish

dinner: 2 hard boiled egg, large salad, and 4 slices of whole wheat bread. Since I came home late in the evening, I did not cook anything tonite…

late-night snack (added later): 8 small toasted bread

exercise: none

supplements: vit D and calcium after dinner; missed taking the iron today; hoping to take it before the bed time.

stretching: none

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    1. I heard mall-walking before. some people really enjoy and look forward to it. in my case; I cannot do it everyday; I need to take the bus to go to the malls and they are not big ones, so I would be walking around the same one-two floors over and over. If I know myself that would be a boring activity. If only we had big malls….

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          1. Uh oh.. I’m not doing it on purpose… I saw it at the end of your comments too but I didn’t think much of it. It looks like its something for poll daddy? Is that the same thing you’re seeing? I don’t see it on the post, only in the reply column under the comments button. Does that make sense?

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