the only time Jamie Lannister was happy

The only time I have seen the character Jamie Lannister (from the Game of Thrones series) happy was when he and his daughter, Myrcella, came clean about him being her father. Unfortunately, Myrcella died right after this affectionate scene.

I really had hoped this would not happen so that we could get to know Jamie’s relationship with the women in his life.

He lost her mom when he was a kid so we have no idea about it.

The two other characters in his life (at least based on the HBO show) are Cersei (his twin sister with whom he is in love and fathered 3 children – gross!.. I cannot stand this horrible idea no matter how many times I say I will not discuss it…) and Brienne; an exact opposite of Cersei in terms of beauty, capabilities, and values.

We know how dysfunctional and delusional his relationship with Cersei and how interesting it has been developing with Brienne. Brienne had, directly or indirectly, a positive influence on Jamie character; through the end of the season 5th, we ended up witnessing overall a less disgusting, less arrogant, and less bad Jamie. This transformation makes this character particularly interesting. But more than that, his interactions with the character Brienne was the only one we witnessed as a “normal, humane, or non-dysfunctional” relationship.

I wonder whether while some keep thinking Brienne and Jamie are in love and will end up together later in the series, the entire excitement could mostly be because we have never seen Jamie in a normal, friendly relationship before.

Just a thought.

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