one noble thing we have seen with Jamie Lannister prior to lose of hand

The Game of Thrones madness continues – my books (the first 5) are supposed to arrive next week. I really cannot wait. Since I cannot wait and do search on the net and watched the HBO series for the second time, man, I am not sure what the books will tell me anymore. I yet to see.

With the partial idea based on the HBO series (which is not deep enough to reflect all the stories told in the books) and the many different interpretation and analyses filling the internet, it is hard for me to make my own interpretations. Yet, one thing I notice is one noble thing the Jamie Lannister character did prior to the start of his transformation after he lost his hand.

This is when he stopped fighting with Ned Stark when one of Jamie’s men stabs him at the leg and put him in a vulnerable situation. Jamie punches the man and leaves the scene, without further fighting or killing Ned.

His father, Tywin, when heard the incident, tells Jamie that he should stop thinking what the others would think about him (Tywin thinks that Jamie did not kill Ned because Ned was injured by someone else along the process and it would look like Jamie took advantage of the situation should he kill him after that).

I am not sure about that.

Along the way we see a Jamie character that would not care enough to make a case (by explaining the true story) about him killing the Mad King, while he would continue to have a huge resentment about his nickname Kingslayer. I find it interesting that he would not tell the reasons for this act for years and get recognition and appreciation from others, if he was that interested in others’ opinions..

This Jamie Lannister character is interesting in too may ways; bad, good, misunderstood, bad again, noble here and there, ridiculous in moral aspects, and all. I do not know whether all his actions should fell in a well-articulated plan by the author George RR Martin, or we should expect flaws  in this character time to time (like any other character in the story or in life).

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  1. I suspect that some of it was this: Jaime had wanted to find out who was the better fighter between himself and Ned. It might be that Ned was the better man, and would kill Jaime. If that was the case, Jaime, in a way, would have been okay with it, because then he’d know his limits. (although he’d be dead, so maybe not really know… okay my theory needs work. I’m going to pretend I’m right anyway.)
    The Lannister guy interfered, and that question could not be answered. Which irritated my boy Jaime.

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    1. hah ha 🙂 “my Jamie boy” – I loved that 🙂

      yours is certainly an interesting idea; as a fighter he would like this challenge and respecting another great warrior, though yes that possibly would mean Jamie would be dead; so that is silly but hey we do not live in that story so we cannot possibly know what that is anyhow – (otherwise who would choose to be a swordsman anyhow – all swordsmen/fighters eventually fail – that means death).. anyways,

      I at first thought that Jamie was actually relieved to see that the fight was interrupted as Ned was getting on him and apparently likely to kill him more than anyone else. The problem with this hypothesis is that then why did Jamie not kill Ned while he had an opportunity? Maybe like he has done with the Mad King case, he thought that would create more problem for the families/kingdom than for him. who knows?

      this book/story is something…

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