weekly budget check

The end of the weekly budget and I am looking at huge numbers this week… argh… 🙂

My total expenses are $465, including my transportation (mostly cab fare), grocery, coffee and breakfast (these are my weekly allowance categories. They total $300 this week, way more than my usual $150 allowance…) as well as a big shopping at the weekend; the purchased items included gifts for three people and clothes that were on sale; I assumed by purchasing the clothes at a reduced price, I was saving.

I actually did save; when I combined all the savings, it was a hit this week, with a whopping amount of $208.5. This is a large sum of saving, but I am feeling really bad about the total spending….

I know that is not ending here and with the holidays and all the sales, I will make other purchases. That is kind of okay as I have been on shopping freeze for many items for a long time and was planning to end it during the holidays to take advantage of the sales.

Nevertheless, the expenses hurts a little bit…

Oh, well.

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  1. I hate that feeling. Last month I “increased” my budget as I realized pretty early I was going to blow it. It was my way of trying to enforce some control over the Christmas spending. It also helped me not fall into the, “well since I’m so over budget another $10 won’t kill me’ thinking

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    1. I am the same with you – I also increased my budget for december telling myself I need to make all of these expenses (I mean I loved buying the gifts big time; I am excited about them and most of the time I catched a great sale, even though without the sale I still would buy them) and I am happy for the food and clothes I have got. All will be useful and all with good discounts. I (and perhaps you too) should be actually happy not resenting this….. I think the fact that we get used to be frugal during 11 months of the year and all of a sudden now we are spending more than we usually do (and it feels good), it does terrifies a little bit. But we will not go back to spending more than required/mindlessly after december, are we? no…. 🙂

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