Hardest love

the hardest love is the love towards
the ones we know most
their heart that beats at fights
or upon the beauty’s sight
their mind that thinks fair
or pulls one down with tear
their hand that chokes the beasts
as it sways away the fears
the eyes that shine
when they lie
the hardest love
my friends, the hardest love
is to know all these
and love anyhow
All rights reserved.  © https://lifeasiinterpret.wordpress.com/

2 thoughts on “Hardest love

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  1. thank you Rebecca. I wrote this yesterday for something that I have loved, which also was not all perfect… I think the point I wanted to make was; the more we get to know someone/something, the more diverse parts of the things/people we observe. Good or bad. How do we make the choice of continuing to love? or how do we later love it even though at first we do not like. and most importantly (even though I have not touched it here in this poem), how do we decide we cannot or we do not love it anymore after a while? I always found “love” an interesting subject to think about. Not only the romantic one, but any type (the love we feel towards the items and people in our lives, family members, friends, or co-workers) or others. Love is certainly more complicated than what I think it is. There is too many shades of love and knowing what to do, as you also pointed out, can be a challenge sometime. cheers 🙂


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