GoT: Bran’s story and Lady Stark

This is more of a post of noting my questions and my thoughts about the first 10-12 chapters in the book “A Game of Thrones” for later use; nothing fancy 🙂

Bran’s first encounter for the crow: it is really well written. I missed it in the show, did I not? I am now getting more interested in Bran’s story.

Dany and Khal wedding: the scene at the TV shows was not cool at all where Khal coldly rapes Dany in their wedding day. The book, on the other hand, describes this encounter as a sensual one. I wonder why the series producers chose to present rape.

Come to think about it, the producers repeated this again, later with Jamie and Cersei at Jeoffrey’s wake. They after the reaction they have got from the fans, I believe but cannot find a link on the net, stated that they did not think/intended it as a rape; go figure. I guess they have no or little understanding about what rape is. Another strike for the HBO series.

The book, my friends, is way better.

Other than that, so far I found the book and the TV shows are quite parallel, which to me is pleasing.

A number of things I wonder, though:

One: how Lady Stark came to realize Jamie Lannister was not out hunting with the King Robert and others when Bran fell off the tower. That is a crucial piece of info, as this event not only introduced us Jamie’s dark side and the famous quote “the things I do for love”, but also started the conflicts and all other events leading to the death of many people, including Barn’s father Ned Stark, brother Robb Stark, and mom Lady Stark. I think the entire story-line starts with that one critical event. If any of you knows how Lady Stark got this information, please drop a line in the comments section.

Two: is there an importance of the fire breaking at the library (when somebody attempted to kill Bran) but nowhere else? I am a book lover and as such was pretty amazed by Winterfell having a library of books and manuscripts; so naturally upon the fire, my first thoughts were wondering about the damages; are the books lost? what was the damage like? I also remembered that Ned Stark has let Tyrion Lannister borrow some books from the library. I wonder whether there is any importance to these?

Three: Tyrion’s fascination with the dragons. I have a feeling that there is more into Tyrion being Tyrion and dragons being dragons.


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    1. let me know how you find the books. I am enjoying it so far; it is not a complicated writing, which makes it easy to read. And, spoilers; I guess the last book of the series is where the TV show and the story-line differed quite a bit; I cannot wait to read it but I have another 4,000 pages to read first! :))

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  1. The first book and the first season is almost the very same, scene by scene. But the serial changes the story line from the second book. The book and the series have a vague connection, that’s all. 😀 Good work btw!

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      1. I think that season 2 is still very, very faithful to the books. The only meaningful deviation that I recall in S2 is some additional drama for Dany, and a change in a secondary character. There are differences, but the overarching story pretty much remains the same.

        It’s not until Season 5 that there are any real major differences, and so of that will probably get back on track in Season 6.

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  2. I assumed that the assassin set fire to the library because it was easiest to catch fire, and would take time for people to deal with. (Also, probably less chance of being discovered, there would be more people in and out of the stables (which has flammable hay) and the kitchens, which has a fire readily available, but probably was designed not to burn.)

    You’re right of course on the difference between Dany’s wedding night. Have you read any more Dany chapters? Anything I say, not necessarily in defense of the show, but positing why they did it that way, needs some more book context.

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  3. good comments here re; library. SInce GRRM made us kind of paranoid with small details, which later become important hints/parts of huge events, certainly I am carried away time to time 🙂

    I have read only one or two chapters of Dany so far; the last one was the wedding chapter. She is terrified by her brother, which makes it easy to forget his death later in the story 🙂 Since you particularly asked me this, now I am more eager than before to read her future chapters – there must be something interesting about why the show producers chose this difference in the show and I am interested in finding that piece in the book 🙂


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