joy journal, Dec 10, 2015

Dear friends, whoever of you have something to be grateful for, please give this a try and write down what you are grateful for. At first, it may not be easy (it was not for me), but after a while it becomes an addictive, feel-good activity. You do not need to post it or make accessible by others; so you may as well use a piece of paper or a journal if you wish.

Here are my list for today πŸ™‚

1. I am grateful for sleeping well and going to office earlier than the 1st meeting at 9.30 am. This gave me a chance to brew my coffee and relax before we sat in a room, 10-15 people, discussing a number of points and issues.

2. I am proud of myself that I could survive this 2 hours meeting – I have a problem with sitting longer than 1 hour πŸ™‚

3. I am grateful for acting as a judge at a nearby fair! I do that time to time and I am always mesmerized by the intelligence and skills of the young professionals. What a great generation we are having πŸ™‚

4. I am grateful for the coffee and snacks I have had at the fair.

5. I am grateful for walking back home and working diligently till 6 pm.

6. I am grateful for cooking green lentil meal with lots of onion, which is one of my favorites. It is a very tasty meal with lots of fiber and other nutrients.

7. I am grateful that I did not shop today. I wanted to; I walked by the grocery store this afternoon, but decided against shopping today. Tomorrow or the weekend will be better and more fun.

8. I am grateful for getting a highly positive feedback on my presentation a while ago! πŸ™‚ very motivating and rewarding.

9. I am grateful for not over-spending this week. I feel like now I am opening a new page with the new week, I feel free and quite abundant.

10. I am grateful for my chequeing account being on the positive side. It has been like this in the last two months, after almost a year of negative balance. budgeting, frugality, and sales work!

11. I am grateful for a gift card I have got today at the fair. It is not too much of a money, but you know what? The organizers did not even have to make this gesture to us; we were simply volunteering and happy to do so. Nevertheless, I am appreciating their gesture and will sure enjoy a cup of great coffee or two this weekend πŸ™‚

12. I am grateful for tomorrow being friday and except an afternoon meeting, being free to work at the office.

13. I am grateful for the holidays coming. we have 2 weeks to work and after which I will be free to do whatever I want to do for 12 days! I know I will work during these times, too but I do not mind that. I am planning to shop, taking advantage of the sales, socialize, and continue to read my “A Song of Ice and Fire” books by GRRM.

14. I am grateful that it is mid-december and in two weeks I will assess my yearly budget and see how I have done. I will take this opportunity to develop a new budget for the 2016; I am thinking about having additional shopping freezes, different categories for grocery versus others (cleaning and personal care products). I believe this is going to relieve me a little bit.

15. I am grateful for my house that provide me with a safe and warm shelter in this cold day.

16. I am grateful for my computer, internet connection, TV, cable, stationary items and notebooks/papers that make my day and life more enjoyable.

17. I am grateful forΒ being grateful πŸ™‚


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