countdown to holidays

I have 8 more days till the 12 days off-time between the christmas eve and the new year – exciting!

Each year, I do some stuff out of work during these times, in addition to light work.

Here is my list for this year:

1. Clean the house: This is a deep cleaning where I leave no spot that is not dusted or cleaned. This year I particularly would like to clean the electric heaters; I heard that they can accumulate dust over time, which can reduce their performance. I have no idea what is the right way but I plan to use a hair dryer to use to move the dust piling in them.

2. Hair care: I would like to have a nice hair cut and also get it dyed. I guess that is gonna be just great!

3. Laundering the shag-rugs I have: I have 3 shag rugs that I must certainly wash. Since they are  a little bit large and heavy, I will rather go to a commercial laundromat to clean them. Assuming I will make two visits to the laundromat.

4. Shopping: I will take advantage of the sales to get shirts and jackets – I cannot wait!

5. Assessment of the savings in 2015: I always find a pleasure in knowing how well I have done; even a little bit of saving makes a positive difference. I am assuming this year I have saved more than past 5-6 years, as since June I have had a great budget that works for me. Quiet an adventure it was 🙂

6. Budget for 2016: I must change some categories and allocate different amounts to different categories now. My mortgage increased this year, in addition to insurance premiums. Some expenses are reduced, too, such as my cable fee. I will project my savings for the next year, too which will be a motivation to keep me going.

7. Socializing: I will find one or two occasions to meet with my friends; I cannot wait 🙂

8. Change in daily activities: I will be free to sleep in, sleep late, and go to different places to have my breakfast. It is a nice change considering that I keep going to the same cafes at the weekends.

9. Reflection: Time to once again reflect on what is important in my life and how I would like to have my life. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not. But it is always a good idea to stop for a day or two and fully focus on my own wishes for my life (not work).

10. Remembering and recognizing my accomplishments, whether at work or in life, giving credit to myself for them, and celebrating them to reinforce a positive feeling that I may have forgotten or been too busy to have during the year.

I am sure you have great plans for the holidays and the new year – may all good wishes come true 🙂


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