email decluttering – started :)

One of the nice things about the holiday season is the ability to think differently and do stuff that I otherwise cannot find time for.

So this evening, I took my time and cleaned my personal email account. I only cleaned the inbox so far (sent items and stored folders to be cleaned hopefully soon). The total time required was around 1 hour; I was merciless and deleted all unuseful or irrelevant emails, especially from companies or disliked individuals. I left the emails from loved ones, as they are great memories that I would like to cherish.

I found that if the emails are ordered alphabetically, it is easier to sort the ones to be deleted from ones to remain. Perhaps that will help you, too.

I am feeling good about this; letting go of the past and unuseful stuff and opening place for the new and hopefully positive emails and experiences in life 🙂

Wishing you a similar experience 🙂


6 thoughts on “email decluttering – started :)

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  1. I just did a little of this yesterday, found it a little hard with gmail but managed to do what I could. It seems that gmail doesn’t let you sort emails by size (I wanted to delete the big ones) but it does let you search by size so that worked in its own way.

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    1. good for you! I hear you – sometimes it is a huge struggle to find out the emails and then sort them out. My aim was to remove anything not necessary – small or large did not matter (and I have found many emails by attachments that now are deleted for ever, happy, happy, happy!). I wish you an easy endeavor and fast finish! 🙂

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